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My Experience With The Canada Summer Jobs Program

My Experience With The Canada Summer Jobs Program

This summer Angela's Boutique hired Michelle, a student from Simon Fraser University and Ladner raised young woman, through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Click to read about her experience working at our little shop!

My name is Michelle Smith, and this summer I had the privilege of working for Angela through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. When I saw that Angela’s Boutique was hiring through their Facebook post in search of someone who was a student in need of seasonal work, I knew I had to apply. As a young woman who has been in Ladner my entire life, Angela’s Boutique has always been an iconic spot in the village, so I was already very familiar with the brands the store carries, and the kind of merchandise the store sells. Also due to my previous sales associate experience, I thought that this job would be a great fit for me. When I learned that I had been chosen for the job I was very thrilled to join the team and start working. This summer I have spent 30 hours a week almost every week in this store and can honestly say it was a wonderful place to work at during this season. The best part of my experience working at Angela’s is getting to know all the girls who work here and make friends I never would have connected with outside of this opportunity. All the original staff here have made me feel so welcomed and when you enjoy the company of the people you work with, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Also simply getting to know Angela and work for someone who is such a hardworking and kind woman has been wonderful. I will be truly sad to leave when my time at Angela’s is over at the end of August, because I will miss these ladies so much. If an opportunity is ever present to work at Angela’s Boutique, I would highly recommend it to anyone considering applying. Angela, thank you so much for this opportunity. I might not be a sales associate here for much longer, but I will always be a customer.


  1. Angela Husvik Angela Husvik

    It's been fun having you on the team, Michelle! You're a great asset to our busy summer season and we'll miss you when you head back to school. <3

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