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Ready for Spring!

Ready for Spring!

Spring 2018 calls for bright new patterns... don't ya think? So does Herschel! They're always one step ahead of us with their bright colors and fun patterns just for all of you! Keep on reading to find out some of our newest Spring patterns.

First off, how gorgeous are these patterns!! We hope you're just as excited to update this year's luggage as we are. Let's start off with the wallets. They've got the most adorable little stitched pineapples on them. The Thomas (top left) is the peach pineapple stitching and the Roy (bottom middle) is the black pineapple stitching. The Cruz (middle) in chai is a sensible body crossover that holds just enough for a day of shopping, but what if you don't want a strap over your shoulder? Well that's where the Fifteen fanny pack in peach pineapple (bottom left) comes in. It clips around your waist so your hands and shoulders are free for shopping your heart out. The Mica in shadow (far right) is part of our new Cotton Collection and is perfect for traveling because it can be folded and squished down into small spaces easily. The Novel duffel (far left) makes quite the statement travel piece with its colorful flowers and ripe pineapples. The Little America (top middle) is sized down for everyday use and is unique in the sense that it has a perforated leather front pocket and has a 13" laptop sleeve inside. Finally, there's the Chapter carry-on travel bag in black palm (bottom left) that perfectly carries your essentials while you're traveling, such as toiletries, makeup or anything else you might possibly need during your travels. Let us know in the comments which pattern you'll be rocking this Spring!!


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